Quality vs Pay

Quality vs Pay

In one of his speeches last May 2018, the President of the Republic of the Philippines announced that he will increase the salary of public school teachers next year. This announcement has drew loud cheers from the crowd.

As I was thinking about this and I wonder if this profession deserves an increase. To be objective about this subject matter, 1) it is not known to the public on how they do the recruitment process for example. 2) The qualifications, experience and additional training/ learning interventions as well as plans for hired public school teachers are again not known to the public. and; 3) How do we know that public school teachers are indeed effective in what they do? These questions come to mind and I personally do not know (or maybe I lack the proper reading) on the mechanics and even to the detailed processes in our present education/learning system.

I’ve been in the public sector for 3 months and those 3 months were the most relaxing days of my career! Work was easy, the position was not evaluated fully whether he/she was carry a load or was executing an 8 hour job.

While, as a taxpayer and having been in the private sector for the last 10-11 years, it is hard a very hard feeling to see your hard earned money go, with 30% of it going to the government.  My point here is that Government does not have a measure, a clear and objective measure, when to increase a salary of specific profession (e.g. teaching being the main topic here).  It is very unacceptable that the Government will decide on these increases based on their general view that majority of the people taking on this profession have their lives living and are buried in debt. A wrong turn here  is that the people leading us are not addressing the root causes of the society’s problems.

Quality of Teachers is also another point of discussion. 1) are they improving? 2) What are the metrics? 3) How are we versus other countries? 4) What is the trend? 5) Are values more emphasized than ever? 6) Are morals more valued than ever? These crucial questions should be addressed and with a very heavy load of responsibility. This should be taken seriously by the Academe Leaders and not just join junket conferences across ASEAN.

In summary, quality of teaching should be the main focus, realizing this and instituting mechanisms that are created/led by Cabinet Secretaries to ensure that the public is assured that their money was used appropriately.


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