Wilhelm Woundt = german psycologist “founder of modern psychology.

Titchener = structuralism psychology

William james, G. Stanley Hall, James M. Cattell…. these three promote “functionalism psychology

Charles darwin = theories to mental characteristics as human think, feel & behave(” evolutionary psychology”)

Herman Ebbinghaus = associationism psychology

Edwin Guthrie = (stimulus and response ) :; temporal conguity

Edward Lee Thorndike = “satisfaction” “the law of effect”.

Ivan Pavlov = involuntary behavior

Max Wertheimer = gestalt psychology

Otto Loewi = discovered “acetylchloline” respobsible in stimulation of muscles

Ulf von Euler discovered “norepinephrine” bringing our nervous system into “high alert”

Arvid Carlsson discovered “dopamine” the reward mechanisms in the brain

Jean Piaget — cognitive dev’t , info processing , dynamic interrelation.

Sigmund Freud — psychosexual , psychoanalytic

Erik Erickson — psychosocial

Lawrence Kohlberg — moral dev’t,

Burrhus Frederic Skinner — operant cond.

Ivan Pavlov — classical cond.

Edward Lee Thorndike — connectionism

Albert Bandura — social learning, neo – behaviorism

Robert Gagne — sequence of instruction

Abraham Maslow — hierarchy of needs , motivation theory

William Kohler — insight learning

Robert Havighurst — devt task theory

Benjamin Bloom — bloom’s cognitive taxonomy

Simpsons / Anita Harrow — psychomotor domain

David Krathwohl — affective domain

Jerome Bruner — constructivist, spiral curr, instrumental conceptualism

Lev Vygotsky — socio-cultural theory of cognitive devt , linguistic theory, Scaffolding

Edgar Dale — cone of exp. (20% remember)

kohler,koffka, weirtheimer — gestalt psychology

John Locke — tabularasa , empiricism

Howard Gardner — multiple int.

Noam Chomsky — language acquisition theory , fr of linguistic, nativism

David Ausubel — meaningful learning, graphic organizer, assumption

Charles Cooley — looking glass self theory

John Flavel — metacognition

Sandra Bem — gender schema theory

Elliot Turriel — social domain theory

Robert Sternberg — triachic theory of int.

Johm Watson — behaviorial theory

Maria Montessori — transfer of learning, kinder garten preparation of children.

Edward Tolman — purposive behaviorism and goal oriented

Edward Torrance — creative problem solving

Bernard Weiner — attribution theory

Daniel Goleman/coleman? — emotional intelligence

Wolfgang Ratke — used vernacular for approaching the class.

mencius — idealistic wing of confucianism

hzun tzu — realistic wing of confusianism

taoism — lao tzu

Herbart spencer — moral devt

Pestallozi — symmetrical and harmonious devt of child

John Jacques Rosseau — nature of child

Arnold Gesell – maturation theory

John Dewey – Learning by doing

David Froebel – Father of kinder garten

John Bowly – Attainment Theory

Edward Boro – Six Thinking Hats Theory

Auguste Comte – Father of Sociology

Carlos Linnaeus – Father of modern taxonomy.

John Amos Comencius – Fr. of modern education.

Erasmus Desiderius – Fr. of humanism/ social humanism

William Kilpatrick – Project method.

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